Better Windows 10 Migrations

Optimize Your Cost to Migrate to Windows 10 Using Gartner's Cost Model

The adoption of Windows 10 is expected to rise dramatically in 2017, and the cost of device migration may surprise you. In this report from Gartner, you will discover the costs and benefits of Windows 10 migration, how to estimate costs for your enterprise and more, including:

  • The typical costs to migrate a PC to Windows 10
  • The key factors of migration cost
  • How to determine your budget for migration costs using Gartner’s model
  • How to improve migration before it starts

Read the report to prepare for your Windows 10 device migration.


Gartner Optimize Your Cost to Migrate to Windows 10 Using Gartner’s Cost Model, Michael A. Silver | Stephen Kleynhans, 5 October 2016