Code42 Data Loss Protection

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Last year, 40 million people changed jobs and 60% of them admitted to taking data when they quit. By the time an organization finds out, the damage is already done. There is a better way to detect and respond to insider threats. Join Riley Bruce, Technical Product Marketing Manager, for a technical 15-minute demo on Code42 Data Loss Protection. You’ll learn:

  • What activities you can detect
  • How to identify when employees exfiltrate data
  • What actions you can take if data is exfiltrated

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Riley Bruce headshot.Riley Bruce, technical marketing manager Code42
Riley is a Technical Product Marketing Manager at Code42. Previously, Riley served in both customer support and education roles. Prior to Code42, Riley began his career at St. Olaf College where he solved complex issues as an assistant Macintosh systems administrator. In his spare time, he enjoys relaxing at the lake in northern Wisconsin with his wife Hannah and their pug Mimi.