Cloudy with a Chance of Breach

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We all know the cloud is here to stay. Nothing short of a zombie apocalypse or nuclear Armageddon is going to slow down the steady momentum of cloud adoption. We’ve all come to recognize the benefits of the cloud: agility, economic value, and backup/recovery. Trying to manage security and compliance in the use of cloud platforms and applications, however, can drive stress and frustration into already overworked security teams.

Cloud boasts a secure, disaster-proof option for companies to store their data offsite with access to that data from practically anywhere. So, who’s fault is it when the data is compromised? What if your information is stolen from the cloud because another user’s data was at fault? At the end of the day, isn’t the cloud just someone else’s computer?

Join this expert panel as they dive into these questions and discuss:

  • CASBs
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Cloud attack vectors
  • Identifying cloud security controls and design framework
  • Working with multiple cloud platforms

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Keith Kammer, market & competitive intelligence analyst, principal, Code42
Keith R Kammer has been working in the IT industry for 38 years for such organizations as Unisys, Dell, Veritas, Symantec, Commvault and Code42. He has a keen knowledge of the Security market and a deep understanding of the various challenges faced by users in today’s environment. For the past 13+ years, he has been focused on Market and Competitive Intelligence and has an intimate understanding of the market trends and directions and of the capabilities of the vendors who participate in those markets.